Error Messages and Issues with Sky Boxes

There is a technical fault with your sky box

This is usually solved by removing the power supply from the box, wait 20 seconds and plug in the power supply. Removing the power supply will cause the box to go back to the default transponder. Therefor after switching the box back on you have to reset the sky box to the transponder with the frequency of 12207. (Go to this page for instructions.)

If this fails to fix the problem the next step is to remove the card and go through the above procedure without the card in the box. Check to see if one of the FTA channels are working (Sky news). If you have a program working, gently clean the gold connector on the reverse of the card using a dry soft cloth only, do not use any cleaning products. Replace the card in the box with the box running.

Updating The Sky Box Software

If this fails to fix the problem the next step is to update the software. If you live in Valencia Province and are using a small dish with a weak signal it will be best to take to a friend with a big dish and a good signal. The video below illustrates the procedure well. Remember each time you take the power supply out of the box you have to reset the box. If all three procedures fail to rectify the problem contact your nearest professional installer for help


This is a very confusing message because one will assume that there is a problem with the satellite or connections and no signal is being received. This indeed could be the case but usually the message is referring only to the signal in connection with the default transponder (frequency). The commonest cause of this fault is a power cut. If there is no correct date and English time on the screen the box will not work and this generally indicates that the box has to be reset. This signal carries the program guide and some other software and the box will not work without this frequency. The default transponder frequency of 11788 is generally too weak here in Valencia and therefore the box has to be reset to 12129.

After resetting the box and the there still is no signal, first check to see if there is no problem in the coaxial cable. The easiest way is to go to the dish and unscrew the coaxial cable from the lnb. The box sends either 12 or 18 volts DC to the lnb using a meter check to see if there is any current. The casing of the connector is the negative terminal and the copper core in the centre of the connector is positive. If you don't have a meter put your tongue on it and hopefully you will receive a small shock!!.

Be sure the Sky box is turned on. If there is no current at the lnb there is a problem with the cable or connections

The next thing to check is the dish hasn't moved. This happens very rarely however its common for the concrete bases used for big dishes to shift especially if they have been poorly built.

Most of the big dishes are prime focus (the lnb is in the center on a tripod). The Lnb's that are used have a feed horn as illustrated.

If the lnb doesn’t have a plug in the throat of the feed horn it is common for an insect in the autumn to use this as their hibernating home and this will cause loss of signals at the very least. Be very careful checking this out as bending or distorting the rods holding the lnb will cause more damage than the insect. Using a mirror and a torch look up the throat and see if there is an occupant. Mark the position of the clamp that holds the feed horn and remove the lnb from the support. Then remove the feed horn from the lnb. Inside the throat of the lnb are brass pins if you bend these in cleaning, the lnb will be rendered useless. Be sure to return the lnb to its exact position, a few millimeters out of position will decrease the signal.

In conclusion if there is no signal being received and the cable and connection is good i.e there is power at the lnb, the dish hasn't moved and there no insects in the lnb, its time to call the professionals.


Often when you try and add new channels the box fails to show a signal is being received and/or the signal has been received but shows no channels. This is very common and is usually solved by being patient and repeating the procedure several times until it works.

Another problem is that the box shows a good signal but produces the wrong channel for the frequency that you entered. For example you put in the Channel 5 frequency of 12422 H and you get radio channels in the channel list and not channel 5. This is usually caused by the box not switching voltages to the lnb. To switch from vertical signals to horizontal signal the box send 12 volts to the lnb for Vertical frequencies and 18 volts for horizontal frequencies. This is easily tested by a meter. Connect a short piece of coaxial cable to the box with a f-connector on one end and strip the cable the other and test the voltage when you go from a channel with a vertical signal (CH 101) and a channel with a horizontal signal (CH 104)

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