El Camp de Morvedre is a County in the North of the Province of Valencia. There are nine municipalities.

The economy is primarily agricultural, with important industrial businesses cantered around the regional capital of Sagunto and its port.

There are castle and Roman monuments from ancient times. The most important historical event was the clash of Carthaginians and Romans around the city of Sagunto and that was the beginning of the Second Punic War and the beginning of the Romanization of the peninsula.

Sagunto and its territory has historical importance during the Muslim occupation that left deep impression. During the Reconquista by James I the region was of great strategic importance as the route of entry used by Christians in their progress from inside to Sagunto , conquered in 1238. The region would be repopulated with Catalan Settlers, unlike neighbouring counties north and west, they would be with the Aragonese.

The imposing fortress of Murviedro was the center of rule and depended on the other fortifications of the region, many, have survived in a state of ruin. These include the castle of Torres-Torres

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