In the central part of the land of Valencia, nestling against the foothills of the Sistema Iberico is the ancient town of Xàtiva, heart of the La Costera district. The backdrop to the town is a mountain massif dominated by the Serra Vernissa and extending northwards to the vega, the rich fertile plain of the Jucar river valley with its patchwork of crops.

An interesting stroll along the mountainside shows a contrast between the dry rocky mountain terrain with the traditional Mediterranean crops such as olive and carob and the greener more lush areas of the northern slopes.

This is a land which has been inhabited for millennia. The Cova Negra ( black cave ) near the town is perhaps one of the most important settlements from the Mousterian period, along Spain's Mediterranean coast. A Neanderthal skull found here dates from 30,000 years BC.

Xàtiva Castle

Xativa Castle

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