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THE VILLAGE of valles

photo by vlcvalencia

Valles is a small village very close to Xativa (5 kilometers) and 55 kilometers from Valencia and surrounded by agricultural land. The Canoles river is on the edge of the village. A great place to live considering the village is in the countryside yet only 10 minutes drive from Xativa where you can take the train into Valencia City

Historians suggest that the village originated from the  Moorish  workers that were employed by the river mill which had  always been operating over the centuries (with different aspects and uses) on the River Cañoles adjacent to the village.  It is recorded that In 1421 a tax census was taken . There is another record of the village on July 16 ,1611 that the village was named Valles by Bernat Sanz and was part of the Village of Cerda

The nearest accommodation with hotels is in Xativa

The Village Square

The village Square of Sempere

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