Turís is a municipality in the County of Ribera Alta in the Valencian Community, Spain. In Turis it is worthwhile strolling around the old town where you will find the Church of Our Lady situated in the main square. It is a stunning building designed by Valencia’s famous architect Antoni Gilabert. It represents a typical Valencian 18th Century church with a rectangular nave of four sections, side chapels, a wide dome and tall bell tower. Little remains of the old Moorish castle apart from some of the external wall. Castles like this with the proximity to Valencia were very important as the first line of defense to the city.

Three kilometers from town is La Carencia, the site of an Iberian settlement which was discovered in 1887 and revealed all sorts of remains from that era. From here is a stunning view of the coast of Valencia and the Albufera lagoon.



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