la vall d´Albaida 

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The LA VALL D'ALBAIDA is also called the “Vall Blanca” – the white valley – and was given this name by the moors because of the colour of the earth. Located southwest of the province of Valencia and closely linked with the regions of L'Alcoià, El Comtat, La Costera and La Safor there are 34 municipalities comprising the district, occupying an approximate area of 722 km2.

Ontinyent is the capital, a city that has just over 34,000 inhabitants, and other major towns are Albaida (pop. 6168), L'Olleria (pop. 7517), Bocairent (pop. 4491) and Agullent (pop. 2290).

The geographical setting of this region is defined by the mountains of Serra Grossa, to the north, and the mountains of Benicadell, Mariola and Agullent to the south. The rivers Clariano and Albaida and the reservoir of Bellús are also other points of reference in a region where agriculture is still prevalent but more industry has crept in including the growth of the textile industry.


Photo by Enric G Grau

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