Formerly called  CASA DE LAS ROCAS
                               HOUSE OF THE FLOATS

Roteros, 8, 46003 - Valencia
Telf . 963 153 156

The Casa de las Rocas dates back to 1434. It was designed to store the ‘Rocas’ (the special carriages used as floats for the Easter and Corpus Christi processions) as well as other articles used during popular festivals. The main entrance is especially high to allow access. The use of the ‘Rocas’ goes back to the fifteenth century, the name ‘Rocas’ derives from the special configuration that the carriages have when used in the presentation of the ‘Mysteries of Christ’ plays during religious festivals, although they have also been used in other civic events. Also on display are three wooden, eagle-like figures, related to the history of Saint John the Evangelist and designed by Luis Roig Alos. The armazones de los Gigantes have a symbolic rather than monetary value.


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