Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 18, 46002 Valencia

Telf. 963 525 984

The Ateneo Mercantil was founded in 1879, to “attend to the cultural and educational needs of the employees of the commerce sector”, and it’s been a stable presence in Valencia for over 125 years. It helped to organize the Regional Expo in 1909 and was awarded a golden medal by the city in 1960. Today, the Ateneo Mercantil boasts over 3000 members. Cayetano Borso di Carminati and Emilio Artal began work on this building with nine floors and a basement in 1935. Its novel design includes a super-imposed, double-façade covering three floors over a large gallery area of two sections including beautiful arches and balconies. The outstanding feature of the construction is the symmetrical repetition of arches and arcades over a balustrade of pinnacles. The building was finished in 1941.

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