Caballeros, 31, 46001 Valencia
Telf .963 912 920  
Musicals and classical theatre This old theatre was formerly for the working class, forming the “Workmans House “ Association, built to improve the cultural appreciation of workers. It was purchased and renovated by the Valencian government and fortunately, the remodeling did not destroy the modernist decor, but in fact, served to highlight its beauty. Today, this venue is among the favored theaters of both the general public and the actors who say that they love working there. The theatre also has its ghostly legend, and it's said that a lady dressed in black crosses the back of the stage during performances, and no one knows who she is. Tickets : 2 hours before the start of the representation. Telephone reservations - Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 14 pm. Closed Monday Telf . 963 912 920

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