The historic centre of the city is a maze of small streets filled with bars, clubs and restaurants; this is one of the best and most fashionable nightlife spots in Valencia. Valencians know all too well from 8 pm onwards from Wednesday to Saturday the atmosphere picks up and the Barrio del Carmen is the place to be and to be seen. You will not see large crowds until after 10 pm and bars start closing – now by law – at around 2 am which is when people head off to the clubs or other areas which stay open all night. Calle Caballeros is at the heart of the action. This area tends to be the more expensive of the barrios (districts)


Calle Caballeros, 38 Tel. 963 925 273

 The old town's most luxurious and stylish venue puts on a varied program of cultural events every Tuesday and Wednesday at 11 pm. You can come for poetry recitals, theatre shows or movies. The interior decor spread over three floors is an attractive mix of the old and the new, with the remains of an 11th-century fortified wall sharing space with the most advanced technology in audiovisual and lighting equipment. As for the music, it's house, funk and hits from the 1980s played for a clientele of well-to-do folk in their 30s who like the cocktails as well.

Plaza Tossal 3 Old Quarter, 46001 Valencia.
Tel. 963 921 623

 A bar located in the Plaza Tossal, with music ranging from jazz to opera and salsa to disco. It also hosts an antiques auction on Wednesday nights. Café Infanta attracts a mixed clientele from students to politicians and celebrities. The house speciality drink is a vodka based cocktail. Open daily 6.30 pm to 2.30 am


Baja, 28. Carmen
About two minutes walk from Calle Caballeros. Established in 1991, this darkly lit bar is totally dedicated to Jazz. There is a bar area, a seated area and a billiards table. It has fortnightly live music and it is a very relaxing place to unwind. Opens at 8 pm and closes 2.30 pm weekdays and 3.30 pm weekends


Calle Caballeros 39, Valencia
Tel. 963 915 266
Ever since it opened in 1993, this has been the most authentic and popular Latin club in town and a favourite with tourists. The rhythm of this bar is as good as the drinks. You can dance to salsa, merengue, cha-cha-cha, flamenco and Spanish pop music. There are 40 different types of rum to sample straight or as mixes.

Calle Santa Teresa 19, 46001 Valencia
Tel. 963 914 151

 long established and well loved bar and gallery right in the heart of Carmen offering theatre, dance and flamenco It becomes a nightclub venue at weekends. Flamenco nights are on a Tuesday.


Calle Bolseria, 41
Tel. 963 918 903

A classic club venue which offers a varied agenda, with the best new music from salsa to pop songs. Special nights include the famous Erasmus Party on Thursdays, with language exchange, hip hop and more.


Calle Abadía de San Martín, 10.

Just off the Plaza de la Reina, this is a great place to start a big night out. Every type of music and beautiful people, drinks are slightly more expensive than other places. Open Mon – Thurs 7 pm to 2 am Fri & Sat 7 pm to 3.30 am


Calle Cocina 5
Tel. 963 917 065
Being in the heart of the Carmen, just off Calle Caballeros, means that it is at the heart of the action and a focal point to meet. The crowd is a criss-cross of 24 hour party people - students, teachers, Erasmus, artists and foreigners Open Wednesday to Saturday from 11 pm


Calle Caballeros, 35
Tel. 963 925 527
Probably one of the best bars in Carmen, offering a great exotic atmosphere, with funky music in amazing surroundings. It has luxurious leather loungers, spectacular lighting effects and even a bar made out of Onyx! This is obviously quite an up-market bar but it still attracts a very cosmopolitan crowd.


Plaza Negrito 1, Valencia
Tel. 963 914 233

Situated in Plaza del Negrito just off Calle Caballeros. There is a large outside seating area where one can sit outside and enjoy the view of the square, or you can pop inside the bar and enjoy the variety of music that is on offer. It has very reasonably priced drinks.


Calle Vicente, 3

Just off the Plaza de la Reina, La Claca has been around for 30 years and is a great venue for flamenco, café theatre and music.


Calle Turia 82, 46008 Valencia
Tel. 630 455 289

Live, flamenco and traditional Spanish folk music played Wednesday to Saturday. It is considered to be one of Valencia’s most authentic flamenco clubs.


Calle Pepita, 15 (parallel to Calle Sagunto)

One of the only decent clubs that opens on a Sunday night, free entrance all night with flyers that can be found around El Carmen. Electro and house music.


Calle Rellotge Vell This is a slightly upscale, younger crowd nightclub in a beautifully renovated old building.


Alta 11, 46003

This is a newer bar on Calle Alta in Barri Del Carme that plays groovy music and has a good mix of people.


Quart 32,
Tel. 963 917 356
Gay and hetero-friendly disco located near the typical drinking haunts of the neighbourhood, but open after everything else closes. This club is also well-known for its cabarets and theme nights throughout the year. All types of people, not only gay, are welcome in this lively disco. It is open everyday from 1 am.


Calle Pintor Zariñena, 16
Tel. 963 914 151

This is the brother of Radio City. Reggae, drum n bass and alternative dance music.


San Dinosio, 3

 A Goth dungeon decorated with medieval paraphernalia and graffiti. Spanish and international rock music and strange drinks.


Lepanto, 8 Two minutes walk from the Torres de Quart, this smoky club is a darkly lit haunt of reggae lovers.


Calle Roteros, 14

 A favourite for rock music lovers..


Dr Chiarri, 8

Used to be the legendary so what!  A young, mostly student, crowd gets very lively to all kinds of rock music on Fri and Sat.


Calle Del Mar 29, Valencia
Tel. 963 922 216

Located in the centre of Valencia, this bar and restaurant offers cocktails, wine, food and music.

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