The university area covers the streets between Alameda, Blasco Ibánez, Avenida de Aragón and Polo I Peyrolon. It is just a short distance from Barrio del Carmen on the other side of the Turia Riverbed. In this area you will find modern glass skyscrapers, beautiful parks and gardens, but more importantly some of the best bars, clubs and restaurants in Valencia.


Polo y Peyrolon 15, 46021 Valencia.
Tel. 963 933 663

Just off Avenida de Aragon - near the Mestalla football stadium. This club is legendary amongst music lovers. Jazz, blues, soul, Indie, Rock – just about everything on offer. Open throughout the week.


Calle Belgica 5
Tel. 963 892 144

Drinks are decently priced at this club, which plays a mixture of house, hip-hop and R&B.


Eolo, 18

Open from Wed to Sun, 20.00h to 03.30


Calle Polo y Peyrolón.

‘The Stock Exchange’


C/ Polo y Peyrolon, 11
Tel: 658 955 060

FLOW Plaza Honduras, 35 Wednesday to Saturday night, Electronic, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop and Funk.


Plaza Honduras, 35

Wednesday to Saturday night, Electronic, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop and Funk.


Blasco Ibañez, 111

This used to be Warhol. Open Wed to Sat 1am to 7am. Hip hop, R&B, rock and indie depending on the night.


Campoamor 60

This place tends to attract an older following, in contrast to the many student bars around. A fairly large venue with a fully equipped stage and plenty of space to dance. Live acts of jazz, blues, flamenco, rock etc attracting a cosmopolitan crowd and creating a popular meeting place

  RUMBO 144

Blasco Ibáñez, 144
Tel. 963 710 025

Very Valencian, energetic disco, from Thursday (students’ night) thru Saturday (more commercial sounds). Erasmus Wednesday. Open 11pm to 6.30am


Avenida Constitucion 29, Valencia.
An underground club with concerts and DJs. It plays mainly electro and rock music. .


Campoamor, 52
Tel 96 356 3942, 645 792 674
A great little club with rich live music – mostly local and national bands. There is always something good on each week – check the website for details.


Campoamor 42

El Tornillo is tiny but it's a big name - synonymous in Valencia with Indie rock..

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