A lot of bars and clubs in Valencia can be found around the city centre in easy walking distance. Valencia is a city that never sleeps and the Valencianos certainly know how to enjoy themselves. There are different popular areas where you can go to have fun all week long, though many of the larger clubs only open towards the end of the week, Friday and Saturday nights are of course the busiest.


“Cool Carmen “is a well-designed and handy map, in English, of El Carmen. It gives locations and descriptions of the barrio’s best shops, bars and restaurants. You can pick it up for free in shops and bars all over the Carmen.

Also look out for “24/7 Valencia “ another English Magazine and “A little Beat “ and “Mondo Sonoro “ they are all good free guides to what’s happening on the local dance and music scene.

An excellent online guide is


Listed below on the left are the different barrios (different areas of the city). If you click on each area you go to the correct page with the relevant night clubs of the City

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