The cuisine of Argentina is distinctive in South America because of its strong resemblance to Spanish, Italian, French and other European. Another determining factor in Argentine cuisine is that Argentina  is a major producer of beef and red meat is especially a common part of the Argentine diet. Some of the Argentine dishes include :-

• Milanesa a Thin Battered steak  and fried.

• Choripan  a tasty sandwich made of chorizo

• Migas are  tasty little sandwiches with  layers of ham, cheese, and very thinly sliced bread

• Alfajores are  cookie sandwiches, usually  filled with condensed milk



Calle Nuestra Señora de Gracia 8, 46001 Valencia
Telf. 963 571 150

District – Ciutat Vella
María del Pilar Pérez and Daniel Martín have been running this little eight-table restaurant since 1982. This is not a designer restaurant. It is endearing and romantic, more like a Parisian bistro than an Argentinean restaurant. His cooking technique of using Argentinean charcoal embers on his grill, subdivided into individual areas, has not changed the tiniest bit. Not one drop of fat must fall onto the embers! Two quail, a 16 kg lamb, a 3.5 kg piece of T-bone steak with four different degrees of cooking … a magret, two dozen oysters, eight scallops, four cod, two baby beef with three different cooking processes, three portions of sweetbread, half a rabbit, eight bites of chorizo … all at the same time and done to suit each of the customers on each table. Booking required

Calle de Trànsits, 4, 46002 Valencia

Telf. 963 177 441

District – Ciutat Vella  

One of the most well-known of the Argentinean Restaurants in Valencia will attract you immediately with its cheerful and friendly ambiance. They offer meat and fish grilled in the traditional Argentinean way. Price €20 Closed Sunday. Monday and Tuesday nights  

C/ Reina Doña Germana, 10, 46005 Valencia

Telf. 963 280 981

District – Ciutat Vella
For some lip smacking Argentinean Cuisine in Valencia you should head straight for the Che Baires Restaurant in the old city. One of the best amongst all the Argentinean Restaurants in Valencia. The menu offers Argentinean beef , salads, pasta and pizza

Conde Altea, 51.

Telf. 963 280 981

District - L'L´Eixample

This Argentinean Restaurant in Spain is one of the most popular one among all. People keep coming back to it for the cozy home like ambiance it offers. The simple décor and the gracious hospitability of the Rincon Gaucho Restaurant make it even more appealing. Food here is of very good quality. Open evenings only

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