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The traditional menu structure in Italy consists of basically eight courses, but the long traditional Italian menu is typically kept for special occasions such as weddings, with everyday fare including only the first and second courses, with the side dish being served with the second course. As an exception to this order, a unique course, Piatto unico, can replace the first or second course with, for example, pizza. The traditional menu consists of:

ANTIPASTO - hot or cold appetizers, literally it means "before the pasta"; consists of a varied combination of colorful foods. The most popular ingredients are melon or tomatoes served with prosciutto cut into very thin slices.

PRIMO (first course) - which usually consists of a hot dish such as pasta, risotto, gnocchi, polenta or soup, with many vegetarian options.

SECONDO (second course) - this is usually the main dish of fish or meat. Veal, pork and chicken are traditionally the most common and are often pan-fried or casseroled.

 CONTORNO (side dish) - this may be a salad or cooked vegetable. Salad is traditionally served with the main course.

 FORMAGIIO AND FRUTTA (cheese and fruit) - this is the first dessert course and the fruit and cheese are usually served together.

DOLCE (dessert) - the cakes and cookies course Italians produce many sweet desserts and 'sweet treats', including Amaretti, almond-flavoured meringues

CAFFÉ (coffee) - which is usually espresso coffee 8. DIGESTIVE (liqueurs) - which may be grappa, amaro, or Limon cello.


 Calle Doctor Serrano, 11, Valencia
Telf. 963 225 543
 District L'L´Eixample
A recently opened modern and chic Italian restaurant which is proving to be very popular. Has a nice outside patio area. Open every day Booking required Price – From €16

Calle de Borrull, 29, 46008 Valencia
Telf. 963 155 909
District – Extramurs
 Very popular Italian restaurant with a superb range of innovative dishes. Their Pizzas are cooked in a traditional stone oven. Fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere with good music. Open every day



Calle Conde de Altea 60, 46005 Valencia

Telf. 963 748 424

District - L'L´Eixample

 Italian restaurant offering  a lot of different kinds of risotto, pasta and Italian meat dishes, so if you want Italian food but not necessarily Pizza, the Accapella is the place to go. Has a very good selection of home made deserts

Price from €15


Calle Maestro Gozalbo,
 29 Telf. 963 732 254
 District - L'L´Eixample
 A huge range of everything Italian. There is a lovely outside terrace area and a good inclusive lunch menu for €9.50 Open every day 12.30 to 16.00 h. and 20.30 a 24.00 h.

Neptuno 21, 46173, Valencia
Telf . 961 461 391
 Beach of Pobla de Farnals
Italian cuisine. Huge selection of homemade pastas and pizzas cooked in a traditional pizza oven. Located on the Beach of Pobla de Farnals Price - Moderate

Calle de la Paz, 33, 46003, Valencia
 Telf . 608 003 463
District – Ciutat Vella
Italian cuisine. Antipasti, salads, escaloppine,  lasagna and cannelloni, meat, pizzas and desserts that are breathtaking.  Quite an extraordinary web page – makes your mouth water ! Price - €20 to €30 Open every day even on Fiestas.

Calle del Mar, 22 43003 Valencia
 Telf . 963 914 800
District – Ciutat Vella
 One of the most popular Italian restaurants in Valencia serving a huge variety of Pizzas and Pasta. Price -€10

Calle de los Derechos, 29, 46001 Valencia
Telf. 963 911 965
 District – Ciutat Vella
 Original setting in a vast cave of bejeweled and mirrored stalactites and stalagmites with the tables on different levels and soft romantic lighting. Not a vast menu but well thought out quality dishes.

Calle de la Correjería, 37,46001 Valencia,
 Telf. 963 923 174
 District – Ciutat Vella
 Creative Italian cuisine in an intimate atmosphere. Quite a small but select menu.

 Paseo de Alameda 48
 Telf. 963 304 481
 District – City of Arts & Sciences

Located close to the City of Arts & sciences, this is not the most glamorous of Italian restaurants but the food is superb and the prices less than average.

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