Korea has a very rich cuisine and food tradition. The staple food for Koreans is rice, a particular type of Korean short grain rice, called sticky rice, because its grains stick together rather than falling apart. Rice is present in every meal together with kimchi, a typically Korean food that Koreans eat all the time with rice, on its own or in soups. Kimchi is made of cabbage (sometimes other types of vegetables are used, such as cucumber, radish or bean sprouts, but cabbage is the most common) fermented with chilly, garlic and other spices. A common Korean meal is made up by a bowl of rice, a bowl of soup, several side dishes (called banchan) and a main dish. The banchan and the main dish can often be shared by the people eating together, while the bowl of soup and the bowl of rice are individual.

Korean cuisine involves the use a lot of garlic (a lot more than in Thai, Italian, Spanish or Greek cuisine), a lot of red chilies, spices such as ginger, doenjang (fermented soy paste), soy sauce and gochujang (red chili paste). The cooking oil normally used by Koreans is sesame oil. Korean cuisine includes recipes with meat, fish, vegetables, noodles and tofu. Altogether Korean cuisine is very healthy.


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Korean cuisine. Friendly welcoming restaurant which used to have a vast menu but none of the locals knew what to choose so it now has a set menu for €21 Closed Saturday lunchtime and Sunday

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