Spain's culinary traditions rely on an abundance of locally grown vegetables and fruits as well as meats and poultry. Jamón serrano , a cured ham, and chorizo , a seasoned sausage, are popular. Seafood and fish are popular in coastal areas.). Olive oil and garlic are common ingredients.

The best-known Spanish dish is   paella that  originated in Valencia. There are numerous variations of the paella. Traditionally it is  made of a variety of shellfish (such as shrimp, clams, crab, and lobster), chorizo (sausage), vegetables (tomatoes, peas, and asparagus), chicken and/or rabbit, and long-grained rice. Broth, onion, garlic, wine, pimiento (sweet red pepper), and saffron add flavor to the stew.

Every region has its own distinct cuisine and specialties. Gazpacho, a cold tomato soup, comes from Andalucía in southern Spain.. Andalusians  enjoy freidurías (fish, such as sole or anchovies, fried in batter). Cataluña (Catalonia), in northeastern Spain, is known for its inventive dishes combining seafood, meat, poultry, and local fruits. In the northern Basque country , fish is important to the diet, with cod, eel, and squid featured prominently. The signature dish of Asturias is fabada, a bean stew. In the interior regions, such as Castilla, meats play a starring role. Tortilla española, a potato omelet, is served throughout the country. It can be prepared quickly and makes a hearty but simple dinner. Spain's best-known dessert is flan, a rich custard.


 Calle Almirante 14, Valencia
 Telf. 963 925 566

 District – Ciutat Vella
 The most exciting new restaurant in Valencia is the Arrop Ricard Camarena , set in the spectacular Hotel Palacio Marqués de Caro. The owners, Santiago Máñez and Luis Bellvís (the latter a descendant of the last Moorish King of Valencia, Abu Zayd), discovered a large section of the old Almohad city wall when they were renovating the building. They have preserved much of the old structure to create a balance of ancient and modern in which to enjoy Camarena's Michelin-starred cuisine, with a focus on seafood.
 Price – Lunch €30
 Price – Evening €54
 Closed Sunday and Monday

Calle del Arzobispo Mayoral, 5, Valencia
Telf. 963 529 623

District – Ciutat Vella

Since 1951 the Restaurante Navarro has been serving food prepared from the daily central market. They offer traditional and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is very popular with the locals and has a fine reputation. There are two large dining rooms and an outside terrace.
Price - €25 average
Open Monday to Sunday for lunch
Open Saturday evening only.
Booking advised for Saturday evening.


Calle  San Vicente Mártir 209, cruce con Avenida Giorgeta  
Telf. 963 423 236  
District Patraix    
Situated in the heart of Valencia, La Cepa Vieja specialises in Mediterranean cuisine using the freshest local ingredients many of which are grown by themselves, such as garlic, artichokes, baby green beans, asparagus and many herbs. Even the olive oil comes from their own olive production. Traditional dishes are given a new twist with innovative touches from the Head Chef.  Salt cod fritters, black rice with mushrooms, artichokes and wild asparagus,  artisan prepared ox, beef sirloin, and a wide variety of Iberian hams, cheeses and sausages, fresh fish and salads. All this accompanied by 120 references on the wine list. This is a first class restaurant with prices which are reasonable.  Price - €35  Closed Sunday, Monday night and Tuesday night.  Booking required

Calle Alta, 42, Valencia 46003
Telf. 963 917 754

District – Ciutat Vella
Situated in the old historical part of the city Restaurante del Carmen  is a popular choice for well priced fresh Mediterranean cuisine. Food is of a high quality and absolutely everything is homemade, meaning that dishes are as fresh as can be. Choose from a wide selection on the menu, from tasty rice dishes to superb meat and fish delicacies such as Bacalao rolls with lime juice and tuna steaks with fennel. There is also a good selection for vegetarians. The daily lunchtime menu is good value.
Price – Lunch €13
Price € 25 average for an evening meal
Booking advised

 Llano de Zaidia 16, Valencia 46009
 Telf. 963 384 833

 District – La Saidia
 Sargantana is a delightful restaurant situated close to the old River Turia. serving creative Mediterranean cuisine. The menu features a great selection of well thought out dishes such as black rice with squid and asparagus, sweet peppers stuffed with partridge, duck magret with figs, flavoured sausages and swordfish steaks with black and white garlic. The wine cellar is extensive with over 200 references to choose from.
 Price - €35
 Booking required
 Escritor Rafael Ferreres esq Avenida Obrero, Valencia 46013
 Telf. 963 227 026
 District – City of Arts & Sciences
 Located close to the City of Arts & Sciences this is a very good value for money restaurant suitable to all pockets. With years of experience at Michelin star restaurants, chef Salvador Furio decided to go it alone and has introduced a versatile eatery which appeals to both tourists and residents alike. Dishes on offer include entrecote of Galician beef with mushrooms, duck breast with vegetable tempura and teriyaki sauce, loin of lamb with couscous and Moroccan spices and rabbit with garlic and caramelized onions and morels.
 Fish dishes include turbot with black olives, mayonnaise and roasted tomatoes hake in green sauce with clams and prawns and confit of trout with cauliflower cream and caviar.
 Price - €25
 Booking required
 Jorge Comin, 6, Valencia 46015
 Telf. 963 478 319

 District – Campanar
 Devicio has a superb collection of tapas on offer, however if you prefer something a little more filling, the menu offers a good selection of rice dishes, fish dishes, fillet stakes, and entrecotes. The dessert menu is equally impressive and the home made tiramisu is a speciality. Devicio is very popular with the hip and fashionable crowds of Valencia. There is a nice lounge area where you may relax after dining and listen to music. Also caters for parties and celebrations.
 Price - € 20 average
 Calle  Visitación 7, Valencia
 Telf. 963 401 710

 District – La Saidi
 Born in Madrid but of German parentage, chef Joaquín Schmidt Río-Valle is becoming one of the best known chefs in Valencia. His philosophy of "preparing each menu as if I'm cooking for cherished friends." Produces stunning dishes with surprising tastes and aromas. All dishes are prepared using only extra-virgin olive oils, the best of balsamic vinegars, and special salts he imports from Brittany and Great Britain. "The Menu of All Faiths" is a menu with four dishes plus dessert, but his "Gourmand Menu" brings you five dishes plus dessert. The extravaganza is the "Joaquín Schmidt Menu," seven dishes plus cheese and dessert
 Price - €50 to €60
 Closed Sunday and lunchtime Monday
 Booking required

Amadeo de Saboya 15 E - 46010 Valencia
Telf. . 963 934 046

District - El Pla De Real
Owner and Chef Alejandro del Toro was awarded a Michelin star in 2003. Alejandro is the third generation in a family which has been dedicated to the hospitality industry. The restaurant  boasts one of the most innovative kitchens in the city, where new ideas and constant reinvention ensure that every visit is new and exciting. The menu changes daily depending upon the fresh produce available and the season. The signature dish is a soup made with Raff tomatoes (an especially tasty variety from Almería in southern Spain) with basil and prawns. Price 40€to 68€ Price - menu €36-50€ Price – a la carte €51-75€ Price - menu degustación: €76-100€ Booking required
 Conde de Altea 18 E - 46005 Valencia
 Telf. 963 335 353

 District - L'L´Eixample 
 In keeping with the latest restaurant trends,  Riff produces creative cuisine in a minimalist, designer setting. Chef Bernd Knöller may be German, but his understanding of local traditions (he's lived in Spain for more than 15 years) has made Riff one of the city's most popular Mediterranean restaurants. Specialties include fillet of red tuna with parmesan tomatoes and basil, skate wing roasted in olive oil with a red wine sauce and capers and grilled Lubina with orange blossom and sea snails.
 Lunch menu € 25
 Evening menu €45 to €80
 Closed Sundays and Mondays.
 Booking advised
 Primado Reig 149 E - 46020 Valencia
 Telf. 963 697 036

 District - El Pla De Real
 An old-fashioned, highly professional restaurant with traditional décor, the service and the dishes are as classic as the restaurant itself. A varied menu of rice, meat and fish dishes, including the house speciality, steak tartar.
 Closed Sundays, Monday and Tuesday nights
 Price €36 to €45
 Mosén Femades 10 E - 46002 Valencia
 Telf. 963 529 764

 District – Ciutat Vella 
 This restaurant specialising in fish, seafood and rice dishes has a tapas bar, maritime inspired dining rooms and several private rooms. The seafood platter here is particularly good.
 Price € 35 to € 55
 Plaza de Lope de Vega 5, 46001 Valencia
 Telf. 963 921 779

 District – Ciutat Vella
 Armando Gil owner and chef offers superb Mediterranean cuisine with a French Influence. His specialities are dishes involving foie, such as foie rolled with fine slices of apple and served with a caramelised vermouth sauce and deserts made from chocolate, such as his “ Chocolate Paradise “ which is 4 tastings of different chocolate creations – two hot and two cold.
 Meat dishes include tender roasted ox with mushrooms and pear chutney and roasted rabbit with snails, olives and aromatic herbs.
 This welcoming restaurant has a neo-rustic style décor and is able to cater for special events in private rooms and also offers outside catering.
 Closed Sundays
 Price €40 to 50
 Booking required
 Guillém de Castro 118 E - 46003 Valencia
 Telf. 963 746 665

 District – Ciutat Vella

 This restaurant is a serene, polished hideaway located in the Valencian Institute of Modern Arts. It offers a combination of innovative and traditional cuisine and the chef is known for his soupy rice dishes prepared in deep pots instead of paella pans. One of these specialities is arroz caldosa de bogavante – a creamy rice with bits of lobster, seasoned with saffron and paprika. Deserts include a smooth quince sorbet, a pistachio sorbet and beet compote with fresh cheese ice cream and seasonal berries
 Price €40 to €70
 Booking required
 Calle de la Reina 128, 46011 Valencia
 Telf . 963 561 503

 District – Poblats Maritims
 Owned by Raul Cob, a young Gourmet entrepreneur,  restaurant El Cabanyal specializes in seafood, and  has earned a reputation as being  one of the best restaurants in terms of fish and seafood in Valencia. The fishing tradition in the neighbourhood of cabañal, where the restaurant is located, is reflected in this restaurant. Among the fish on offer are grouper, sea bream, sea bass, turbot, bream, hake, tuna, sole, octopus, squid and shellfish.
 The restaurant is situated in one of the old preserved art deco buildings of the neighbourhood
 Booking required
 Calle Santo Tomás, 18, 46003 Valencia
 Telf . 963 91 02 88

 District – Ciutat Vella
 Located in Barrio del Carmen in a lovely 17th century building. , Emilio Bermell has built up a reputation of being one of the best chefs in the city. Each day he carefully selects the freshest of local produce and creates original dishes such as a warm mushroom salad with truffle, onion stuffed cod with a green pepper sauce, duck breast with a red wine sauce and honey combs filled with foie gras. The deserts, all home made, include tiramisu and crepes.
 Booking required
Calle Boix, 6, 46003, Valencia
 Telf. 963 913 815

 District – Ciutat Vella
 Run by Vicente Chust and his wife Carmen serving traditional, seasonal and creative cuisine. The menu is changed regularly in keeping with the seasons and includes such offerings as terrine of duck foie with herb bread, creamy rice with lobster, loin of veal with mustard and cod fillets with cream of cauliflower and spring onions. The menu is not extensive but carefully thought out and of high quality. They occasionally have special menus, such as one during the hunting season with game meat.
 Price - €50 to €60
 Closed lunchtime Saturday and Sunday
 Booking required
 Obispo Jaime Pérez, 24
 Telf. 963 153 058

 District – Quatre Carreres
 Bringing together two of the most valued treasures of this country – Spanish cuisine and Flamenco. This is not some tourist trap but real Flamenco taken very seriously.
 Open Friday and Saturday only from 9pm to 11pm
 Price €30 to €45 including the show
 Booking required
 Calle Corregeria, 38, 46001 Valencia
 Telf. 963 153 964

 District – Ciutat Vella
 Just 50m from Plaza de La Reina, this is a wine bar with over 100 choices of the best international wines. It is also a restaurant with quality tapas, sausages, conserves, and cheeses from all over the world and fresh local foods prepared daily. As the owner says “ Share our passion for wine and genuine dishes. Save water, drink wine “
 Open daily from 8pm
 Plaza del Picadero de Dos Aguas, 3
 46002 Valencia, Spain
 Telf. 963 529 414

 District – Ciutat Vella
 A small out of the way restaurant with traditional cooking and very popular with the locals. It is a shame they serve lunch only.
 Lunch €8
 Closed Saturday
 Paseo Marítimo,  5,  46011, Valencia
 Telf. . 963 550 053

 Malvarrosa Beach
 Mediterranean cuisine. Located right on beachfront of Malvarrosa beach with a good sized terrace . Free parking and a play area for children.
 Price - Moderate
 Open all year
Calle Pascual y Genís, 3, 46002, Valencia
 Telf . 963 523 649

 District – Ciutat Vella
 Mediterranean cuisine with a creative concept. Central location with public parking.
 Price - €35
 Avda. del Maestro Rodrigo 44
 Telf. 963 486 666
District Campanar
 Conveniently located in Valencia's quickly expanding business hub, is Kaymus - the Spanish restaurant run by the veteran chef Nacho Romero. With rich experience in the culinary arena spanning ten years in some of the premier restaurants in Switzerland, Madrid, Catalonia, Valencia and Andalusia, Romero's talent for rice dishes and grilled meats among other exquisite preparations is hard to equal

9 Pascual y Genis
Telf. 963 942 188

District - Quatre Carreres
More of a café than a restaurant but deserves a mention as it is great value for money. It serves a Mediterranean buffet where you can eat all you want and is open for lunch and in the evenings, The interior is a simple and basic so it's not quite a classy romantic dinner, but you have mountains of all traditional Spanish and Mediterranean food, as much as you want, from salads and paella to meat, fish and deserts. A real bargain and it is  close to the city centre.
Price €10 to €12

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