Mexican food can refer to traditional Mexican cuisine as well as the more Americanized "Tex-Mex" cuisine found in many restaurants worldwide. Most modern Mexican food is derivative of a hybrid of Spanish and Aztec cuisines, frequently using spices and chili peppers to enhance the flavors of meat. Corn and corn-related dishes are common, as it is one of the largest indigenous crops of the Americas.

Meat or Veggies?

Mexican food varies by region. Northern Mexico has widespread cattle rearing, and it is much more common to eat meat with nearly every meal in the north than in the South. Some of the most common vegetable dishes are Pico de Gallo, guacamole and various salsas, which are the primary sauces in Mexico. Authentic or Tex-Mex?

With notable exceptions most Mexican food served in restaurants is of a generic nature. For example, though chalupas do exist in Mexico, they are far removed from the fried flat bread product at Taco Bell.


Calle Denia 20, 46006, Valencia

Telf. 963 328 078

District - L'L´Eixample  

Delicious authentic Mexican cuisine such as tacos zatecanos, meat enchiladas, huitlacoche quesadillas, the popular mole poblano, or arrachera with beans. There is  also a good variety of beers, tequilas and cocktails to choose from. Midday menu available Price - €20 to €25 Closed Mondays

Calle de Roteros, 16, 46003 Valencia

Telf. 963 924 198

District – Ciutat Vella  
Lively Mexican restaurant with music. Enjoy dishes such as alambre, fajitas, barbeque ribs, choriqueso, guacamole and enchiladas, together with cocktails like margarita, mai-tai, mojito, piña colada, sex on the beach or caipiriña.

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