Michelin Red Guide

The oldest and best-known European hotel and restaurant guide, which awards the Michelin stars.

The Michelin Guide reviews and rates top restaurants and world chefs with a ratings system of one to three stars with the highest rated being three star chefs and restaurants. Many chefs strive to be listed as a Michelin three star chef as this gives them a high amount of exposure.


The guide awards one to three stars to a small number of restaurants of outstanding quality. One star indicates a "very good cuisine in its category", a two-star ranking represents "excellent cuisine, worth a detour," and three stars are awarded to restaurants offering "exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey".

  Arrop  Rated One Star

Almirante 14 E - 46003 Valencia
Tel: 963925566

This restaurant occupies the lower section of a small palace. It has an elegant entrance hall and three dining rooms with a decor that combines archaeological remains and minimalist design. Creative cuisine featuring top quality ingredients presented in an exquisite manner.

Arroz de vaca gallega. Liebre a la royal, pera escalivada y rúcula. Mousse de galleta, fresa y coco.
  Riff  Rated One Star

Conde de Altea 18 E - 46005 Valencia
Tel: 963335353

Hidden behind the small façade is an entrance hall and modern dining room with designer chairs and wood flooring. The cuisine here focuses on the latest culinary trends with creative dishes that hint at the origin of the chef, who hails from Germany.
Ensalada de puntillas, "all i oli" ligero, trompetas de la muerte y berros. Arroz "Brut". Sopa de piña, fresitas del bosque y helado de yogur.
  Torrijos  Rated One Star

Dr. Sumsi 4 E - 46005 Valencia
Tel: 963732949

Once through the door of the Torrijos restaurant, guests can choose to dine in the elegant, modern dining room or in one of two private rooms, one of which is in the kitchen. Attractive glass-enclosed wine cellar, whose wines accompany creative cuisine with a high level of technical skill.

Langosta mediterránea con fideos y verduras, cocida con su propio coral al agua con gas. Cochinillo confitado con puré de patata, azafrán y mango. Arena de té verde con sorbete de "caipirinha" y espuma de coco.

  La Sucursal Rated One Star

Guillém de Castro 118 E - 46003 Valencia

Located inside the Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno. It has a cafeteria for the general public on the ground floor and a minimalist dining room on the upper floor. The chef here perfectly combines traditional dishes with more inventive culinary creations.


Steak tartar con encurtidos y velo de liliáceas. Salmonete de roca con verduras ecológicas y corales. Sorbete de melocolón de viña sanguina con esponja de vino dulce Monastrell
  Vertical      Rated One Star

Luis Garcia Berlanga 19 E - 46013 Valencia
Tel: 963303800

This unique restaurant, occupying the top floor of the Confortel Aqua 4 hotel, boasts an impressive modern design and good views. The cuisine in the contemporary dining room is based around a single gastronomic menu.

Cremoso de foie. Ciervo con frutos rojos y polenta. Soufflé de mascarpone, helado de leche de cabra y bizcocho de gorgonzola
   Ca'Sento   Rated One Star

Méndez Núñez 17 E - 46024 Valencia

Tel: 963301775
A restaurant with a surprising modern style, including a designer-inspired decor and a kitchen that is semi-visible to customers. Dishes served here have a firm basis in the sea, and are all prepared using the best products to ensure superb textures and exquisite flavours.


Ensalada de trufa de Benassal con alcachofa macerada (diciembre-marzo). All
i pebre de anguilas. Ganache de chocolate con helado de caramelo y canela


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