Syria is regarded as the crossroads of civilization and many chefs believe its culinary traditions offer the finest representation of Middle Eastern cooking and culture. From appetizers to desserts, the foods highlighted were tested and refined for hosts with discerning appetites, broad tastes, and a range of cooking skills.


Exemplifying the breadth of the cuisine, this selection of treasured family recipes was brought to America in the early 1900's by the authors' grandparents, immigrants from Aleppo, an ancient center of world commerce. They continue to be prepared the same way in Syria today.


Because of its Aleppian influences, Syrian cuisine is both sophisticated and particularly healthy with its emphasis on lean lamb and vegetables. While some dishes like Hummus, Shish Kabob, and Baklava are well known to Americans and ubiquitous across the Arab world, the foods of Syria are special in their particular mix of spices and textures.



72 Alboraya

Telf. 963 603 544
District – Benimaclet
Restaurant specialising in Syrian cuisine. Closed Monday Price from €15


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