The Valencian cuisine is based on a fertile ‘huerta’ or market garden, and fresh fish and shellfish caught from the Mediterranean.  

Spanish Rice is the basis for many classic Valencian dishes as it is grown here in abundance. The famous Paella is a typical Valencian dish, whilst usually meat based with rabbit or chicken and greens. Another typical dish of the region is fideuà it is similar to Paella but is made with noodles instead of rice.

 There are other traditional rice dishes including many savoury rice stews cooked in earthenware bowls. These are usually a more economical meal and include ingredients such as cardoons, beet tops, dried haricot beans, diced cuttlefish and cauliflower, or turnip cubes, pork sausages, spinach, chick peas or lentils. Other rice based dishes include arroz al horno, arroz a banda with fish and shellfish and arroz caldosa. Alicante has a rice stew variety known as arroz caldoset. The rice dishes are traditionally served with allioli a traditional side dish made with olive oil and garlic and often served with bread.

 Other popular Valencian dishes are "Gazpacho", a cold soup of bread, tomatoes, garlic, salt, vinegar and oil, Olla churra, made from pieces of pork and black pudding, "Hervido" made with beans and potato and "Chorizo" which is a spiced pork sausage.

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 Plaza de tetuan 18 Telf. 963 509 109
District – Ciutat Vella
 A restaurant serving Valencian cuisine and very popular with locals. A family run business in downtown Valencia possessing quite a flair for rich paellas and renowned for its daily choice of entrees, meat and fish – sourced daily from local markets, all served in a warm comfortable atmosphere. Booking advised

 Mercado Colón, Planta Alta
 Telf . 963 530 900
 District - L'L´Eixample
 Built in 1916, the Mercado de Colon was transformed into a Covent Garden – like plaza, in 2003. The restaurant is on the top floor and its modern elegant décor contrasts with the vaulted ceiling which is covered with mosaic tiles and dates back to the beginning of the century. Chef Enrique Barella's cuisine is contemporary but based on traditional Valencian recipes and ingredients, and immaculately presented. Price - €40 Booking advised

Calle del Mar, 27

Tel.: 963 914 571
District – Ciutat Vella

A popular reasonably priced restaurant serving authentic Valencian rice dishes. This well-managed restaurant has done a booming business with local residents ever since it opened in 1982.The paella valenciana is obviously the most popular dish amongst visitors, but also worth trying  are the fideuá (paella with noodles instead of rice) and the fresh fish dishes cooked with garlic and pepper and some with a salt crust. Price from €12 Closed Sunday and Monday night. Booking advised

Calle Subida Toledà 8

Telf. 963 918 045
District – Ciutat Vella
La Lola is a traditional Valencian restaurant which is situated in a tiny little passage, close to the Cathedral of Valencia and just off Plaza de la Reina. Price - €30 Booking required

Plaza Vicente Iborra 3

Telf. 963 260 891
District – Ciutat Vella  
Located in Barrio del Carmen, the restaurant serves grilled meats, lamb and traditional rice dishes. Prices are reasonable and they have a good lunch time menu. Closed Sunday and Monday nights. Lunch €9 to €18

Paseo Neptuno, 16,46011 Valencia

Telf. . 963 711 018
District Poblats Maritims (Las Arenas Beach)
Valencia cuisine. Situated on the Beach of Las arenas

Avda Neptuno 6

Telf. 963 710 366
District – Poblats Maritims
Established in 1898 and made famous by being an old haunt of Hemingway he writes: "Dinner at Pepica's was wonderful, a big, clean, open-air place, and everything was cooked in plain sight. You could hear the sea breaking on the beach, and the lights shone on the wet sand." Situated on the beach front it continues to serve up the same traditional recipies with the same skill and dedication. Specialises in rice and fish dishes. Open every day 1pm to 4pm and 8.30pm to 11pm.

Avenida Neptuno 70, Valencia

Telf. 963 712 076
District – Poblats Maritims
Very popular restaurant with locals who flock here at lunchtime so arrive early around 1.30 pm to get a good seat with sea views. Many locals swear that La Rosa's rice dishes are even better than those of its neighbour, the famous La Pepica. They're certainly cheaper, and the restaurant's long dining room and beachfront summer patio aren't swarming with tourists. Instead, Valenciano families come for unusual paella variations like arroz meloso con ortigas de mar—a creamy paella made with an underwater plant known as sea nettle—and plates of fideos negros, inky black spaghetti served with squid.

Paseo Marítimo, 10, 46011, Valencia

Telf . 963 550 383
District – Poblats Maritims  
Very popular restaurant serving traditional Valencian cuisine with rice dishes, fish and meat. Seafront location. Price – from €15

Plaza del Arzobispo, 5, 46003, Valencia

Telf. 963 512 077
District – Ciutat Vella
Small restaurant situated right in the centre of the city. Excellent service with traditional Valencia cuisine. Closed Sunday night Price - €40 to €60 Booking advised

Plaza del Horno de San Nicolás, 8, 46001 Valencia

Telf. 963 915 984
District – Ciutat Vella
San Nicolás restaurant is a gastronomic gem that offers traditional Valencian cuisine. Felipe Bru and Elisa Martínez started the business in 1983. The specialities are fish and rice dishes. Their clientele are faithful and regular which is a recommendation in itself. The restaurant has been visited by celebrities from society, politics, culture and sport, whose photos are framed and hung on the walls.

Tunidores,2 (near La Lonja and Pl Negrito)

Telf. 963 922 090
District – Ciutat Vella
Excellently located in the atmospheric historical centre with a shady outside terrace area. Experienced staff serve well-prepared rice dishes and fish specialities. Good quality meat dishes and tasty desserts make this restaurant a top choice in the city centre. Relax, savour and take your time in what has already become a firm favourite in the Carmen. Open every day lunch and evening Price – From €13

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