Asador Restaurants

Typically Asador restaurants grill or roast the meat in a oven fired by wood (preferably oak). A variety of meats are used including beef, pork and lamb. The side dishes include morcillas (black pudding),  chorizos (sausages) and provoleta, a grilled cheese dish


Calle Félix Pizcueta, 8 bajos, 46004, Valencia

Telf . 963 529 791

District - L'L´Eixample  
Specialising in traditional Castilian cuisine offering such dishes as Burgos black sausage, pan baked Chorizo and roast lamb and cutlets cooked in a firewood oven Price – Moderate
 Calle Ribera, 15, 46002 Valencia
 Telf. . 963 942 157

 District – Ciutat Vella
 Located opposite the Plaza de TOROS ( bullring ) specialising in meats roasted in a firewood oven and rice dishes.
 Price - €30

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