Columbian Cuisine

Colombian food is characterized by its blending of European cuisine with aspects of African and indigenous cuisine.

There is no official “national dish,” but the arepa and tamal can be considered staples of Colombian cuisine. Other well-known regional dishes include the sancocho, ajiaco, cuchucos, sopa de mondongo, bandeja paisa the lechona Tolimense, cazuela de mariscos and the mote de queso.

 Fritanga is a set of dishes that is similar to a barbecue and is eaten throughout the entire country. Fritanga usually includes grilled beef and chicken, pork feet, leg of lamb, ribs, and different types of sausage such as morcilla (blood sausage), chorizo, longaniza, and chunchullo (fried cow intestines) accompanied by mini potatoes and arepas.


Calle del Taquígrafo Martí, 20, Valencia

Telf. 963 331 129

District - L'L´Eixample

A small Colombian eatery that serves tasty typical food and liqueurs and offers live Colombian music.

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