The term "German cuisine" encompasses various cooking styles and dishes, all of which have been developed within the borders of Germany and are now considered "typical".

However, every region has its specialties and these are generally based on what the local environment has to offer. For example, herring and fried potatoes are the staple foods in North Germany, whilst in South Germany you are more likely to be served roast pork and dumplings.

A well known German proverb says: "Taste is a matter of argument", whilst another states that "Whatever reaches the table will be eaten!” In this case: everyone should try typical German food at least once in order to determine for themselves whether or not they like it.

Our tip: if you ask the waiter in a local Gaststätte or Gasthaus for "something typical", please don’t expect to be served with haute cuisine. You are much more likely to receive something decidedly large and calorie-rich, usually served with wine or beer depending on the region.  


33 Gran Vía Germanías - 46006 Valencia

Telf . 963 573 759

District - L'L´Eixample  

German cuisine specialising in sausages and meat dishes served in a whole host of ways. Huge selection of beers as well. Price – Moderate €25


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