Through the centuries the Greeks fully exploited to their advantage everything foreign.

Slowly-slowly they created and stabilized their own traditional Greek Cuisine, bringing it to enviable levels.

To this successful evolutionary course of Greek, Cypriot and Island cuisine contributed not only the experiences gained or the skillfulness of the Greek people but also the great variety of feeding stuff produced on our land.

Actually in this sense the contribution of Greek cuisine is great and this is recognized by the thousands of foreigners who visit Greece, Cyprus and the Islands every year.

Even if some less fortunate people who can not visit Greece can have a taste of the Greek cuisine at their respective countries at their favourite Greek neighbourhood restaurant.

Or better yet, out of their own kitchen, with some recipes and instructions in this site, they can create their favourite Greek cuisine.


Calle del Poeta Liern, 2, 46003 Valencia

Telf. 963 944 443

District – Ciutat Vella  

A homely, fairly small restaurant offering traditional Greek dishes Closed Sundays Price – from €18

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