Japanese cuisine is easily one of the healthiest in the world, with its concentration on fresh fish, seafood, rice and vegetables. The pungent sauces and delicate flavors of fresh foods complement each other beautifully

As an island nation, it’s not surprising that seafood is featured in Japanese cuisine. Sushi and sashimi both are raw fish and seafood with various spices. Impeccably fresh fish is the secret to wonderful sashimi and sushi, served with wasabi and soya sauce. The Japanese love of beauty and simplicity turns slices and chunks of raw fish into miniature works of art. Fish sliced

so thin that it’s transparent may be arranged on a platter in a delicate fan that alternates pink-fleshed salmon with paler slices of fish. Sushi is typically arranged to best display the colors and textures to their best advantage, turning the platter and plate into palettes for the artistry of the chef.  

Traditionally, meat plays a minor role in the Japanese diet, though it has been taking a larger and larger role over the past fifty years as Japan becomes more westernized. Beef, chicken and pork may be served with several meals a week now. One of the more popular meat cuisine is ‘yakitori’ – chicken grilled on a skewer and served with sauce. A typical quick lunch might include a skewer of yakitori and a rice bowl with sushi sauce.


Paseo Alameda 42 - Valencia
Telf. 963 444 444
District – City of Arts & Sciences
A modern chic restaurant offering Japanese cuisine and sushi. Located close to the City of Arts & Sciences, which if you are seated on the first floor, you will see it spectacularly lit up in the background Price - €25 to €50 Booking required

Avenida Primado Reig, 189, 46020, Valencia
Telf . 963 616 349
District - Benimaclet
Offers a huge variety of Japanese and Asian cuisine Price - Moderate

Plaza del Tossal 12
Telf. 963 922 246
District – Ciutat Vella
Modern Japanese restaurant with very late opening hours so it is popular with the young and trendy. Has a good lunchtime menu for €15 Closed Sunday night and Monday lunchtime.

Calle Roteros 12 , El Barrio del Carmen
Telf. 963 065 166
District – Ciutat Vella

Japanese and South East Asia cuisine including Thai curries and Malaysian stir fries. Has a wide selection of natural juices and Lassies Price - €15 to €30 Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Calle del Pintor Zariñena, 3, 46003 Valencia

Telf. 963 925 492
District – Ciutat Vella

This small restaurant brings to the city some of the best in tastes from Japan. Some of the best sushi and sashimi. Price - €25 to €30

Calle de Ernesto Ferrer, 14,46021 Valencia
Telf. 963 696 851
District – El Pla Del Real
Japanese cuisine served in intimate modern surroundings Closed Sunday and Monday
Avenida de Pío XII, 33, 46015 Valencia
Telf. 963 483 439

District – Campanar

An upmarket restaurant offering Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. The chefs have worked in and won awards in Amsterdam and Paris. Price - €30 to €45 Open every day

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