Moroccan cuisine is exotic!; It is extensive in its variety and remarkable in its taste and aroma. The centuries long history of invasions have contributed to the diverse sense of good food traditions, different ingredients and naturally the best possible combination of all these factors. It carries different levels of distinct tastes from north, south and the east; but the most strong influence comes undoubtedly from the east!

Most these ingredients have always been used by the indigenous Berber people of Morocco in their traditional dishes. Also the invaders introduced a large number of now traditional ingredients, along with previously unknown preparation and cooking methods. The people of Andalucía from southern Spain taught the Moroccan cooks how to use the ingredients such as; olives, olive oil, some fruits, nuts and herbs in cooked dishes. The Arabs introduced spices, different varieties of bread and dishes based on grains. French and Italian cuisine had a profound effect on the contemporary Moroccan cuisine as well.

The traditional segment of Moroccan cuisine is 'Tajine'. Tajine is mainly a casserole of meat and poultry named after the cooking pot in which it is cooked. Tajine may be common menu item in every Moroccan restaurant but the most famous national dish is still 'couscous'. Couscous is cream-colored grains of semolina steamed over a highly-flavored stock made from meat and vegetables, and served with the meat and a sauce made from the bouillon.


Olives pickled in lemon juice and salt are essential ingredient of many Moroccan dishes. All kinds of olives are used for different recipes. Various sizes and colors of olives are utilized for different occasions, mainly for taste but also for presentatio


3 Paseo de Faculdades

Telf.96 389 08 24

District - Algirós
This restaurant is a bit out of the way which is a shame as it is quite different and special but not everyone will make the effort to visit it. The Moroccan owner has gone back in time and recreated the recipes of Moorish Valencia, the Medieval Califat of Al-Andaluz. The restaurant is decorated with all sorts of items from that time. Over 50 dishes are on offer including Berber salad of smoked barley with tomato, carrot, pepper, coriander and mint, chicken couscous with raisins, onions, almonds and cinnamon, poultry meat pie and  Tajine of honeyed veal. The bread is made on the premises. Take note that there are no alcoholic drinks. Price - €30
Doctor Sanchis Bergón número 27, 46003, Valencia
Telf. 963 926 253

District – Ciutat Vella

Restaurant serving Moroccan cuisine which is very popular amongst the locals. Wide range of dishes to choose from and they do serve alcohol. Price - €20 to €30 Closed Monday and Tuesday all day and lunchtimes Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Booking advised at weekends

Plaza del Xúquer, 10, 46021 Valencia
Telf. 963 692 978

District - Algirós
Moroccan cuisine. Dishes include cous cous with lamb, beef or chicken, tajines, soups and a large variety of salads. Price - €15 to €20 Closed Mondays

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