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Valencia Metro Headquarters:
 c/ Partida de Xirivelleta, s/n
Telf . 900 461 046
Valencia's metro system is modern, clean, well-organized, cheap  and extremely easy to use. It consists not only of a conventional underground system within the city center but, in addition, it becomes an above ground train linking to outlying suburban destinations.

Valencia's metro system consists of four lines; Lines 1 (yellow), 3 (red) and 5 (green) are typical underground railways, while line 4 (blue) is an overhead tram which connects the city of Valencia to the beach.

Due to the sheer extension of the Valencia metro system, the city and its surroundings are divided into four zones, A, B, C and D, with A being the zone surrounding the actual city center. For this reason, you'll notice varying Valencia metro fares depending on the number of zones through which you are traveling.

Metro Valencia has a very good and informative website. You may also download maps and schedules to your computer or mobile phone.

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