There are many taxi companies in Valencia and taxis are easy to find. There are several taxi ranks in the city. The taxis in Valencia are white with a green illuminated light on the top which indicates that it's available for hire. To hail a taxi all you only need to do is to raise your hand. You may pre-book a taxi and most taxi companies offer long distances services.


General rate: €1,25 + €0.77 per Km. (€14,40 for one hour waiting) Night and weekend rate: €1,6 + €0.89 per Km. (€16,74 for one hour waiting) Minimum rate: €2,75 (€5 at night) Service to the airport has a supplement of €3,5. Journeys should be paid for in cash, since very few taxis accept credit cards Taxi drivers have change only for €20 notes or less.

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