Spain has an excellent railway network linking all major towns and cities, and rail travel in Spain is comfortable, reliable and often cheaper than many other EU countries. Trains are modern and many are high-speed (look out for the AVE, Euromed and Altaria trains if you are looking for a high-speed rail trip).

Spain's national railway company, RENFE, controls most local, regional and national routes and has quite a good online booking system with instructions in English.

All long distance trains have a bar selling snacks and drinks. If you travel first-class (often cheaper than many second class trains in the UK) you will be served lunch or dinner or a snack, depending on the time of day.

There are two important Renfe train stations in Valencia.

Valencia's principal train station, Estación del Norte, is an impressive monument from early last century.

Estacion del Norte C/ Jativa, 24 - Valencia

Telf . 902 240 202

The second Valencia train station, Estación del Cabañal, is located near the port and connects Renfe with the regional Valencia rail system, for outlying towns of the area.

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