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Embalse Muela de Cortes

This large stretch of water has arguably the best  course fishing in Valencia Province. The name is a little confusing as there are several long and narrow lakes and none of them are called Muela de Cortes so I assume the name refers to the whole area. The map below is in scale and shows the position of the lakes.

There are  3 fishing areas classed as free fishing, club waters and no fishing.
Please see this map

Day tickets can be purchased for the club waters from Bar Nu D´Or in
Alberic, Armeria Quinter in Sollana, Bar 1 Castro in Macastre and Bar Fortunato and Bar Chema in Cortes de Pallas  The lakes have Black Bass, Pike, Bleak, EEL, Madrilla, Pumpkinseed zander and carp. The lakes are Famous for large bass and pike .                       

Google Map of Embalse Muela de Cortes  

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