Valencia Province has excellent fishing. There are 14 large man made lakes and several rivers  to explore and fish.(There is a new lake that has never filled) The Lakes were built from 15 to 43 years  ago.

There are some exiting fish to catch including Carp, Black Bass, Eels, Barbel, Pike, Zander, Pumpkinseed fish, Tench, bleak and Madrilla. The water levels of these lakes are constantly changing according to the rainfall and water usage. if you visit this web site
  you will find the current water levels of the lakes and their capacity. Most of these lakes have been built in the mountains with stunning views and beauty.   

Unfortunately for the visitor there is only one Company offering trips. It seems the fishing guides  are all centered around the River Ebro.  However it easy for the residents to organize their own fishing trips. Visitors can also arrange their own fishing. It may take a couple of trips to get the best of the fishing. In most places the fishing is for free.  

In this site we supply a comprehensive list of
where to fish and the fish available in the different lakes and rivers. Each lake has its own site and a Google map that can be viewed in map or satellite view. These interactive maps also provide accurate driving directions. We will be updating these pages with the latest information and catches.

For the visitor or the resident who wants to arrange his own fishing holiday. The first step is to obtain a
license  The area around Cofrentes and Cortes de Pallas has 3 large lakes with excellent fishing. On this Page there is a map giving details of the location of these lakes and where the fishing is free or restricted Unfortunately the Valencia Government is very restrictive to use of power boats and only a few of the lakes have no restrictions in using power boats

In addition to the lakes there is very good fishing in the rivers flowing out of these out of these lakes. Knowing the best swims on these rivers requires local knowledge.

We thank the Author of Coarse Fishing in Spain for allowing us to use information from this excellent book. Click on the above image for more information


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