All fresh water fishing in Valencia requires a license and in some instances on private waters you have to pay a daily .

You can obtain this basic fishing license from   

♦ Any  rural bank  (they charge for handling)   

♦ Territorial De Medio Ambiente - Valencia C/ Gregorio        Gea, 27 (46009-Valencia)  
♦  At your local fishing or gun shop

♦  Via the internet at www.telelicencia.com this  is expensive but effective

♦Licenses can also be obtained via the RTN Anglers Together Fishing Club
alanroscoe@gonuts4free.com  please Note - A fee will be charged.  

The documentation that is required is as follows :-    

• Standard Application Form No. 046, signed by the holder . This form is available at the office or bank where you are making the application.  

• Photocopy of the DNI or Residencia Card or copy of back pages of passport  

• Licenses issued for 3 years require 2 passport photos    

Children Under 16 years:    
Photocopy of the applicant and authorization and a photocopy of the ID of a parent or guardian.  

Retirees over 65    
Applicants in receipt of public pensions are exempted from payment of the fee.    

Retirees and pensioners under 65    

• INSS certificate or notification of the grant or revaluation of the pension for the current year

 • Photocopy of passbook Social Security pensioner.    

All children under 14 years are exempted from payment of the fee, upon presentation of :-  

• A photocopy of the ID of a parent or guardian.    

Payment is made at the banks listed in the application form.  

• Licenses valid for 1 year: € 8.24.  

• License valid for 3 years: € 24.74.    

This web site
http://tinyurl.com/ydzswqy  translated from Spanish to English has all the information on licenses            

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