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Environment submitted a public information plan Huerta protection involving all the municipalities of L'Horta

 HORTANOTICIAS, 24/05/2010

 The Official Journal of the Comunitat Valenciana (DOCV) publishes the decision of the Department of Environment, Water, Housing and Urban Development public information submitted to the Territorial Plan of Action for the Protection of Huerta de Valencia.

 Within the period of Public Information will seek the opinion of the municipal urban planning which could be affected by the determinations of the Territorial Plan of Action for the Protection of Huerta de Valencia, and the sectoral reports from the various departments or government bodies that origin, in connection with their respective powers.

 The proposed plan for its implementation, five strategies to protect and restore the garden, which involves 44 municipalities where 1.8 million people reside, and actions aimed at an area of 12,000 hectares.

 According to the Government said in a statement, the paper led by the Ministry of Environment, will help absorb 250,000 tons of C02 per year, provided that agricultural products are consumed in nearby markets.

 The Protection Plan aims Huerta huerta protect, preserve its agricultural values, scenic, cultural and heritage, land use order to test both supra and create itineraries and routes landscape, take advantage of the existing agricultural structure in especially using the historic network of roads and irrigation.

It also aims to maintain the landscape garden and rehabilitate the existing architectural heritage, to encourage sustainability criteria in socioeconomic activities, and the approach to urban governance arrangements that involve the protection and maintenance of the garden to the processes of land occupation.

 The process of Public Participation Special Protection Plan de la Huerta de Valencia began in June 2008, when it became publicly available document on the website of the Department of Environment, which has received more than 1,300,000 queries . Have also developed outreach workshops, seminars and 11 exhibitions.

 Have also been carried out consultations in order to involve the general population, agricultural agents, businessmen, and encourage public consultation sessions in which more than 300 people have made contributions to the plan, have also held workshops for landscape consultation with experts and on the website.

 As for the main arguments by the document, he notes, than the model of protection, the plan of the garden set quality objectives based on landscape evaluation conducted by experts and by the population. The management plans of the garden plan include garden spaces that will have greater protection. The Plan also respect the occupation of land projects expected to be sustainable, justified and consistent with the guidelines on the type of protection.

 The arguments accepted on the protection of heritage, it is worth noting that the legislation of the plan detailing the uses and activities compatible within the protected areas. In addition, for indirect measures, the farm program will define specific measures for implementing proximity circuits in the garden.

 The project will be deposited for public consultation on the website of the Department of Environment ( / pathuerta), in the Environmental Documentation Center of Valencia (C / Maria Cuber, 14, bass), the Directorate Land of Valencia of the Department of Environment, Building PROP (c / Gregorio Gea No. 27) and the municipalities to which affects the plan.

 Environment announced that the Plan will create 400,000 jobs Huerta

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