Valencia City overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is one of Spain's most important and populous cities, being the third largest city in the Iberian Peninsula after Barcelona and Madrid. The city's name was given by the Romans who named the territory ‘Valentia Edetanorum’ (second century BC.)

City Districts (Barrios)

The city is divided into 16 Districts (Barrios), these have traditionally had Spanish and Valencian names, however the Valencian Government has now discarded the Spanish Names. This is confusing as many web pages use Spanish names whereas others use the the Valencian names. The areas defined by the City are not quite the same for the areas defined by postcode City. This map shows the districts defined by postcodes. The districts are further sub-divided. This map from the Valencia City government shows all of the sub-divisions. Please note this excellent map is very slow to download

The City of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences is a unique complex devoted to scientific and cultural dissemination which is made up of five main elements: the Hemisfric (IMAX cinema and digital projections), the Umbracle (a landscaped vantage point and car park), the Prncipe Felipe Science Museum (an innovative centre of interactive science), the Oceanografico (the largest aquarium in Europe with over 500 marine species) and the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofa (which takes care of the operatic programme). The Gora will give the complex a multifunctional space.

The Fallas

Valencia is known all over the world for its fallas. The Fallas have their origin in a ritual celebrating the arrival of Spring, later converted by the church into a commemoration of the day of San Jose. The inhabitants of Valencia used to throw their old furniture and junk in the street and burn it as a symbol of purification, showing that Winter had passed and Spring had arrived. Over time, they also began to burn satirical figures representing those in the city they most detested.


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